Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bungie puts Destiny Crucible last

Bungie puts Destiny Crucible last

The standard says goodbye iron and portable Era de Triomphe.

Bungie puts Destiny Crucible last

Through a press release published on his blog, Bungie details the Expiration Notebook Era of Triumph and the last Iron standard, which since the departure of the original Destiny in 2014 leads being a little more A monthly ritual for his most dedicated players.

The exploits of the players who were patented in the Era de Triomphe Notebook offered rewards for all players to ride portable up to level 7, at which point you can unlock a Bungie commemorative shirt store with Engraved name reader. Many of the exploits that were offered to players to complete in the notebook were related to the Test Osiris, the most competitive event destined Crucible. During the test continue, laptop expires on August 1st, which means that the last chance to complete the exploits of this event takes place this weekend, from today until 'see you Monday.

The standard iron will certainly say goodbye: week of Tuesday 1 to August 8 will be the final conclusion by the Iron Lords, although on this occasion Bungie did not detail the rewards lady Efrideet offers the guards Who struggle to raise the faction again.

At the entrance, they unveiled the first details of the next stop of the franchise: beta Destiny 2 on PC, including requirements and date. The following will be released on September 6 on consoles and PC on October 24th.

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